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  • As consumer activities pivot into mobile and internet sectors, it is critical to think about how we can integrate artificial intelligence into medical, consumer marketing and into overall internet related activities.

    Our team members work together to transcend all language and cultural barriers and provide customers worldwide with valuable products and services in a timely manner at low costs.

    APRIL 3, 2020

    At a time of crisis when there is a shortage in supplies, global resources play a critical role.

    Governor Cuomo of New York had in a press conference noted that ventilators ordered in China were not fulfilled due to New York not having the experience and knowledge to successfully complete the transaction. This is the reality. It takes years of experience and the right local networks to understand the mechanics of sourcing products in each country.

    ANNI through it group company using its expertise and resources had successfully delivered UNICEF with unobtainable supplies during the March 11, 2011 earthquake emergency and the post Fukushima disaster that devastated the entire region.

    Having such know-how and experience, ANNI had been prompted to support those in need of medical supplies for the COVID-19 emergency. ANNI is able to meet the demands for scarce equipments and supplies and is able to meet the required quality levels for the products.